About Intercosmic

About Intercosmic

Space, the final frontier, or so we're told. The problem is things can never seem to be final in the vast never ending reaches of space. Efrem Gray has been a good soldier for nearly a decade and a routine mission to the planet Xioshaa to stop an ever growing civil war was nothing but another stop for him. Things go south when his team is ambushed and stranded in a jungle, left to argue amongst themselves about the best way to survive.

Despite the misadventure, Efrem makes it out alive, but he doesn't come back the same. Finding a place in this great big galaxy of ours is never easy. Unfortunately, Efrem has to start from scratch before he can find not just a place to call his own, but a new life beyond what he thought he knew.

Intercosmic is an ongoing web serial that updates every Wednesday. I started it as another way to improve on my writing skills. If you're interested in some of my other writing Phantasmagorical is my first full length novel. I also post short stories at 12AMFiciton.com and write less fictional things for BlerdsOnline.com.

The story is broken down into Sagas, which are made up of arcs, which are then made up of chapters. Each chapter is approximately 1000-1500 words but I've been known to be a little wordy on occasion so some chapters could stretch on longer.

If you're looking for a trigger warning, this is it. Some of the language is very strong, the violence is described in detail although it's rare in this series. There might be sex if it fits, but as of now, there isn't any. If that doesn't scare you, dive in.


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